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Why Choose Us

We arrange holidays to some of the world’s most intriguing and spectacular destinations. Whether it is Beach tour, Hiking and nature working, Cultural activities ,Trekking, Wildlife nature, National parks and game reserves ,Sports tour, Golf tours, Honeymoons, Accommodations And Transportation.

Fast Booking

We promise to answer quickly to any query or booking request made by our clients, while not putting them through any complicated steps. Once the payment is made and booking done, we’ll instantly send you a confirmation email with the details of Airline tickets, Hotel booking, conference booking, your tour date, itinerary, inclusions etc.

We offer our client the best service they wish to get thus making them see that every cent the used is worth the services. We offer budgeted, middle class and luxury packages according to the clients’ request. With our remarkable holiday packages, we not only strive to provide you a slice of the exotic,

Our help goes well beyond crafting your dream itinerary, Hotel and flights. We understand how important it is to keep you safe and informed throughout your trip or holidays. That’s why we’ve in place the best of the breed resources and solutions to ensure you a seamless travel experience.


Smartview is the next step in independent tours and adventure travel. Our global team is dedicated to pushing boundaries and to redefine the term 'responsible tourism'. Around the world the Smartview collective consists of the perfect mix of passionate locals and international travelers

As a fully licensed tour & excursion company, Smartview Travel & Tours offers exciting experiences all across the sunshine state. From exhilarating airboat rides in Everglades National Park, to fabulous city tours of Nairobi, and exciting day trips to Maasai Mara, we invite you to come travel with us.

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